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So Now

After making chai on & off for over 20 years, the support of family & friends has to led to a new chapter in our lives, journeying into a cottage industry & operating from our property in the High Country of Regional Northern NSW. We love making chai for family & friends, who love it as much as we do.

They have encouraged & inspired us to share it for those who are seeking an authentic cup of chai. There are many great chais out there but we believe we've created something beautiful in our chai to making it truly unique; a little something to calm mind body & soul.


We use chemical free flowers, sourcing certified organic dried flowers where we can, with the intention of becoming fully certified

growers of organic flowers for future used in Trade Roots Organic Chai.

Our Future

We care deeply about our environment & yours too, so we have taken considerable care with the packaging that we use, believing it is our responsibility to lessen the burden of waste passed onto consumers. 

Your chai is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard cylinders, lined with food grade poly or earth bag refills for those who wish to re-use their cylinder for further purchases of our chai. 


Caring for the environment is our responsibility & weighs heavily on our conscience.

As a family, we've lived off grid with our beloved solar system for over 20 years & are proud knowing that the cottage industry we have created has an extremely low carbon footprint, with no plastics, all compostable and recyclable packaging.We believe we have produced a high quality, organic chai, that is gentle on Earth and gentle on our conscience.

So with that in mind, relax & have a cup of Trade Roots Organic Chai


We know you will enjoy!


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