It is our absolute pleasure to create for you a high quality, handcrafted Chai, using 100% organic spices & flowers, owned & made in Regional Australia 

Our ingredients are sourced through reputable Certified Organic distributors in Australia, so we can bring to you excellence in masala chai



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Original Chai 

 ~ Aromatic spice mix ~




This special blend has a beautiful aroma, complimenting the earthy tones for which our chai is favoured. It's a feast for the senses!



Finding hints of citrus in chai is a very pleasant surprise - nurturing for the mind body & soul 





If you love the aroma of roses, then you're sure to find Rosa to your liking

 While not too overpowering, this chai is relaxing & calming after a

big day


Our special addition of dried flowers in Trade Roots Organic Chai adds a whole other earthy dimension to the soul warming sensation of this delicious, aromatic & relaxing handcrafted chai


We source our ingredients from reputable Australian Organic Certified suppliers


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Brewing Your Chai

There are so many ways to make a cup. We can't all make the tea like the Chai Wallah in Jaipur, brewing spicy tea for hours but we have a quick-never-fail way of making chai.

This is what we do on a busy morning, no fuss, no mess & it works every time.

Plunger method

We've converted our 1.2 litre coffee plunger into a"chai plunger". 

You'll need 1 tablespoon of chai, 1/2 boiling water, 1/2 of milk of your choice & real honey.

1/ Put a tablespoon of chai in the plunger

2/ Fill the plunger halfway with boiling water and allow to steep for 5 minutes

3/ To a small saucepan add enough milk to fill the rest of the plunger & heat, taking care not to boil

4/ Add the heated milk to the plunger & allow to steep for a further 5 minutes. The longer the chai steeps, the stronger the brew

5/ Add a teaspoon of real honey to your favourite cup as it adds to the intensity of the flavour

6/ Stir well & enjoy

Traditional method

1/ Add a table spoon of chai to a pot or saucepan

2/ Fill with water to just under the half way mark and bring to the boil

3/ Reduce & simmer for 5 minutes 

4/ Reduce the heat further & add as much milk as you did water & continue to heat, taking care not to boil

5/ Strain into a cup or mug

6/ Sweeten with honey

TradeRoots Reusable Tea Bags or Tea Strainer

1/ Place a desert spoon of chai into the tea bag & pull the string closed

2/ Pop the bag into a tea cup & pour over with boiling water. Allow to steep for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally

3/ Add a tea spoon of real honey & your choice of milk

4/ If your the type of tea drinker that likes to leave the bag in, enjoy

5/ Otherwise strain the tea bag and leave aside to dry. Allowing it to dry will make it easier to open for the next cup

6/ Pull the bag open and empty the chai into the compost, rinse with water & leave aside to dry

7/ Find your happy, comfy place & enjoy!!

The turmeric will turn the teabag a beautiful orange/yellow colour


Iced Chai

Follow the instructions above and allow chai to cool.

Pour into a jug, add real honey, stir & refrigerate

Add some ice & chill out



Absolutely devine!!! 

from Lisa